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Wolverines Athletics

Woodgrove High School


Wolverines Athletics

Woodgrove High School

Wolverines Athletics

Woodgrove High School

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:15PM

HELMET/UNIFORM RETURN (Wednesday June 5th)



Wednesday June 5th

Helmets, and other uniform pieces you still have from the scrimmages or from Coach Ricky***

The athletic department will stage uniform drop offs (ONLY) with Head Coaches ?on Wednesday, June 3rd from 9 AM to 12 PM?. Choppy will be there.
At the gate (5) to the stadium closest to the dumpster.

Seniors- I would like to deliver your Senior Night Jersey and your yard sign at that time. If that doesn’t work, please text me so we can work something out. I have to be in Loudoun in Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of this coming week.

If your helmet was taken from your locker by the AD, you have to let me know. No helmet= charged for the replacement.

Team News

4 months ago @ 10:30AM

Scoreboard and Announcing Schedule (Volunteers needed)

We need scoreboard operators and announcers for Home JV and Varsity games.

We also need people to film for the JV and Varsity

Dates available in the Google Doc
3/11 (Home Scrimmage)

JV – 6pm start (5:40 arrival needed)
Varsity- 7:30 start (arrive by the end of the JV Game)

Also, please let Coach Choppy know if you have any youth lacrosse players that would be interested in being ball boys during the home games. (Dates are listed above)

Team News

4 months ago @ 4:58PM

This week's schedule (March 2nd-7th)

This week’s schedule:

March 2nd-7th

Monday: 4-6

-7pm parents meeting. Picture forms will be distributed.

Tuesday: 4-6

- everyone else can get a picture form.

Wednesday: 4-5:30 (or close to it)

-Pictures at 5:30-5:45 Wearing Blue (both teams). Dismissed after pictures.

Thursday: 4-6

Friday: 4-6

Saturday: Split again. 8-9:30 (JV) 10-11:30 (V)

-Don’t have excuses. Our Scrimmages are Monday and Wednesday of the following week.

Due this week:

Player Fundraiser emails- Please finish these. The funds we raise, are to be spent on this team. There are things we want, and this goes a long way to getting them.

If your family is an "Opt out", please settle up with the team moms at Monday's meeting. Everyone has to do one of the other.

Meal forms and payment- Due ASAP
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