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Team News.

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 1:46PM

Team App (2022 Season) Team Communication App
Team News

4 months ago @ 11:56AM

Team App (How to join the Wolverines' 2021 Distro list)

Grove Lax 2021 now has their own smartphone app which is 100% FREE to join.  It will keep you updated with all the latest news, events, schedules and much more.

To get the full features of this app please go to the App Store or Google Play and download Team App onto your mobile device, then follow these simple steps:

1. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an e-mail to activate your account.
2. Log-in and search for Grove Lax 2021, then request to become a member.

If you don't have a smartphone or would prefer to receive e-mail correspondence, please contact Coach Choppy with a request to be added manually.

Team News

2 months ago @ 8:28AM

Transportation Update (from the LCPS Athletics Supervisor's Office)

Good morning,

As the need to transport students to all school activities and athletic events grows, it could be deemed necessary to allow students to sit together on a bus to provide adequate transportation to an event. In these circumstances, the social distancing minimum will be less than 6 feet. If you don’t feel comfortable with these adjustments, you may feel compelled to transport your child to these events. LCPS supports the decisions made by parents to transport their children to and from these events. Mitigation measures are still in place, such as students and staff wearing masks as well as ensuring bus windows will be open for ventilation. Thank you for your understanding and for making decisions that best align with your family’s decision based upon the information provided by LCPS. Please contact the activity sponsor or athletic coach if you would prefer to transport your child to the event.

Please make your team’s coach aware of any desire to transport your son to and from away lacrosse games They are not, based on this information, able to drive themselves to the games. That may change but isn’t allowed yet.**
Derek Farrey, CAA

LCPS Athletic Supervisor
Loudoun County Public Schools
21000 Education Ct.
Ashburn, VA 20148
Email: Derek.Farrey@lcps.org
Direct Line: 571-252-1451

Team News

2 months ago @ 8:55AM

Summer (affordable) club lax opportunity

***JV Parents, please read***

Summer (affordable) club lax opportunity

See me with any questions. I know a lot about this program and believe in how they teach the game.
It'll be May at the end of the week, and summer lacrosse plans are starting to formalize.

Long story short. Before coaching with Hammers Lacrosse, I coached with EKLC (Eagle Knight Lacrosse Club) and brought kids from Heritage (where I was coaching at the time) with me. I spent four summer/fall seasons with the program. I love how they teach the game and the atmosphere they provided. I had a lot of fun, and the coaches know their stuff.
Kids from the schools in Dulles South, Independence, some Prince Williams schools, and others that heard of the program have participated in the past.

Practices are at John Champe, on their turf fields. Their stadium and turf field are next to one another. Their "turf 2" is the same as ours. It was a great experience and the kids learned a lot. 

Summer EKLC registration will open this weekend (May 1).  I hope we can get some guys to play together during the summer. It will make a world of difference. As far as programs go, we (The Wolverines) are pretty young. We have 7 seniors and 3 juniors in the program. I don't plan to wait to see who decides to come out once the season is "Normal" again. I want to work with the young men who've shown up. If you don't have a place to play and want to better your game to help the Varsity next year, give them a look.
The EKLC program is geared towards the newer type of player or guys that may not have the funds to play other places.

EKLC Teams:
We will field 1-2 HS teams this summer based on interest. The teams will play at a JV or V level based on the talent level signed up. Rising 8th/9th graders are welcome to play.  
Team Registration:
All our teams are open registration for players of all skill levels.  Limited spots open per team.  We will waitlist and form another team if numbers allow. 
Summer 2021 Coaches: Champe's staff. Great men, who know the game.
Coach Vik Ohri / Coach Ravi Ohri / Coach James Beiermann / Coach Jeff Putz 

Season Information:
Begins June 5th. There are only six practices. The 2 tournaments they'll play in aren't too far away.
Registration fee ($350) Early bird prior to May 15 ($385) after. Which includes practices, two tournaments, and uniform.  

Team News

2 months ago @ 9:41AM

Monday 5/3 Varsity At Rock Ridge- 6:30pm Start time

Monday 5/3 Varsity At Rock Ridge- 6:30 pm Start time

JV Practice at 4:30pm on the grass field

Team News

2 months ago @ 9:40PM

Game week #1 (4/26-5/1)

April 26- May 1 It's finally here. Game Week!!!!!!

This week’s schedule

Game one is in the books. Lots to celebrate, and lots to learn from. 

Practice: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Check-in starts at 4 pm. Practice ends at 6:15

No Varsity practice on Saturday. JV Practice- TBD (Decision by Wednesday)

Please remind players they are required to fill out the ATS screening checklist, even if they are a Hybrid student. I fill two checklists out each day. I complete one to teach Hybrid 5th Grade, and one for coaching. The players are aware that I run the report of people who’ve completed it, after 3 pm before I depart Cool Spring (my home school). They should all appear on it. We haven’t been very successful at that. If the online form is a bother or against your wishes, please bring in a paper copy each day. 

Team News

3 months ago @ 10:05PM

Picture Day 2021 (Sat 4/24)

On Saturday 4/24 Boys Lax takes pictures at 12:30 pm.

We will enter (already in uniform) through the B3 entrance 20 minutes prior to picture time (12:10 pm) and head to the AUX Gym.

COVID Screenings will be completed by Coach Choppy inside the entrance to B3. We will then go to the gym (wearing masks and remaining socially distanced. When we are ready for a team I will come to the AUX gym and get that team. Once pictures are completed that program will immediately exit through the B4 hallway. 

Rides shouldn't leave or go far as we expect to be finished by 1 pm.
**Both teams are wearing white jerseys and game shorts.**
**No practice on Saturday 4/24** 


Main Gym
12:30 PM – Boys Lacrosse(2 teams)

Team News

3 months ago @ 7:55AM

Athlete Screening information (Pre-practice/contest)

ATS COVID Screening instructions and protocol for LCPS Athletic Training

THE LCPS COVID SCREENING will need to be filled out on days you have conditioning, practices, or games.  You will get an email daily around 6am to remind you to log in and fill out this form, forms need to be filled out by NOON on the day of practices and conditionings.  For the first time you log in you will need to access the website the link is:  lcps2.atsusers.com

To make it easier for you to find each day please make a homepage shortcut on your phone to log in to
User ID and Password are case sensitive
Your user ID is: your student ID  (just the numbers not the @lcps.org part)
Your password is:  Woodgrove1

Database should be:  atslcps

After logging into the website for the first time you will be prompted to fill out the covid form, please fill out the form honestly. 
If you answer “YES” to any of the questions please make sure you still submit the form and then contact your coach. You will not be allowed on campus until you are given the clearance to do so from your Athletic Trainer.  

Immediately after completing COVID screening form, we ask that you go to General and update your information in the ATS system to include an email address to an account you have access to so that you can receive instructions to fill out the form daily. Also, please update a phone number so that if something arises we can reach out to you.  Again, if you have any questions please reach out to your Athletics Department.


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